The Taoist Arts Organisation in Lincolnshire
Teaching Tai Chi, Qigong and Martial Arts
In Lincoln, Boston, Horncastle and Spilsby


Li Style History

History of the Li Style Health and Martial Arts

The Li Arts, a range of Taoist Health, Cultural, and Wu shu Taoist arts (collectively known as the 'Eight Strands of the Brocade'), have been passed down within the Li family of Wei Hei Wei, North Eastern China for some 3,000 years.

They were brought to this country by Professor Li Kam Chan and the traditions of the style were passed on to his adopted nephew Chee Soo.


The Taoist Arts Organisation

The Taoist Arts Organisation (TAO) was created after the death of Professor Chee Soo (pictured left)  in 1994.  Tony Swanson (one of Prof. Chee Soo's two most senior students) was asked by a group of over 30 Instructors to organise and head an association to carry on the traditions of the Li family. As a result the TAO was set up to be administered by a committee which was voted for by the members of the organisation.

'The TAO is dedicated to teaching the Li Family Style of Health and Martial Arts as taught by the late Professor Chee Soo.'