The Taoist Arts Organisation in Lincolnshire
Teaching Tai Chi, Qigong and Martial Arts
In Lincoln, Boston, Horncastle and Spilsby


Tony Swanson

                                                              Tony Swanson

Cilla, Brian and Keith are all taught by the T.A.O.'s Chief Instructor and Technical Director Tony Swanson.

Any skill's and knowledge they have attained in these arts is largely due to his great patience and expertise as a teacher.

Seenzarm Tony Swanson

Tony Swanson began his study of the Li Family System in 1968 and trained continuously with Professor Chee Soo for the next 26 years. He attained 1st Tengchi in 1973, became London County Coach in 1978 and in 1982 was appointed Southern Area Coach with responsibility for training and assessing instructors; progressing to National Coach in 1994. Tony trained in all aspects of the system, including the health arts and at the time of Prof. Chee Soo's death was one of the most highly graded and respected practitioners of the complete Li Family System.

As one of Prof. Chee Soo's senior instructors Tony's extensive knowledge and understanding of Tai Chi, Feng Shou and Chi Shu, coupled with his commitment to preserving the arts made him admirably suited to assume the position of Technical Director of the Taoist Arts Organisation.

Seenzarm Tony Swansons current grades are as follows:-

Tai Chi 6th Tengchi

Feng Shou 6th Tengchi

Chi Shu 6th Tengchi

Shuai Chaio 4th Tengchi

Tony is current Chairman of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (B.C.C.M.A.) a Sports Council recognised governing body for Chinese Martial Arts. He was also former B.C.C.M.A. Great British Team Manager. Tony is an advocate of furthering all legitimate styles of Chinese martial arts. His vision for the future is based on strength in training roots, maintaining and strengthening their purity in competition and professionally taught classes.

Before training with the late Prof. Chee Soo, Seenzarm Swanson had trained in Wado Ryu Karate in which he attained a 3rd Dan Black Belt and Judo, in which he attained his 1st Dan.

A sample of Seenzam Swanson's qualifications:-

Former BCCMA Great Britain Team Manager

NVQ Level 4 in Training & Development

BCCMA Head Judge Sanshou & Qingda  

BCCMA Competition Chief Referee

Diploma in Sports Science

BCCMA Level 3 Coach